WE ARE “JUNIOR NORRIS” MEMORIAL SHOOT OUT aka The Junior Norris 9 Ball Shoot Out” and it is the biggest pool tournament in the Texoma Area and it’s held right here in Wichita Falls. 2018 will be the 5th year of the event.

about2014 was just a small tournament with local talent of 32 players to honor a hometown legend, Junior Norris.  2015 was a huge celebration and tournament. Junior Norris celebrated his 90th birthday in grand style, surrounded by friends and family, the Wichita Falls community, and 64 great pool players from across the country. For 2 days Fast Eddy’s Billiards & Games hosted an outstanding 64 player tournament and Veteran’s Celebration at which Junior and his two older brothers were presented with their full military honors they had never received from the US Military. Also, each of the three men was presented Honorary High School Diplomas from Wichita Falls High School.  Their diplomas were awarded as each of the men left school before graduation to join the military to serve our country during WWII.  Junior was also gifted with his 1943 High School class ring that he so treasured.

Junior Norris is a Wichita Falls Hometown Hero, a WWII Veteran, and a Texas Billiards Hall of Famer.  The “Junior Norris” Memorial Shoot Out” event is held every year around his birthday and in 2016, Mr. Norris would have been 91 years of age.   Sadly we lost Junior, March 9, 2016.  Junior was a Husband, Father, Grandfather and Friend, as well as one of the top 9 Ball players in the US.  Known in the billiards world as “The Texas Legend” and so much of a player, he was inducted into the Texas Billiards Hall of Fame in 1995 at the age of 70 years.  No one has ever loved the “GAME” more than Junior.

The preceding years of the event, the Norris Family provided all the funding. 2016 was a great expansion for the event and moved to a (60,000 sq.ft.) much larger facility. 40 -7’ Valley Tables with 121 players in the OPEN 9 BALL event and 21 Players in the WOMEN’S 9 BALL event.

2017 was a year for more expansion. Since June of 2016 we have been contacted by many players who are already registered and paid to ensure a spot in the 2017 Event. With the original 9 Ball Shoot still in poutlace, 8 ball and 10 ball will be added to the mix and each will support a 128 player bracket. Added money for each event has not yet been calculated.

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Click HERE for the Junior Norris Profile Page.  Learn all about the man who inspired this epic event.