Rules and Regulations for the


1. All cellphones will be put on silent.
2. If cellphone goes off during opponent shot, there will be a verbal warning. 2nd time, it will be a considered a foul and loss of shot. 3rd time, loss of game.
3. If you get a phone call, please step away from the playing area to the designated area and you will have 2 minutes, which will be timed or there will be loss of shot.
4. No headphones will be permitted during play.
5. No smoking over the tables or around the playing area.
6. No Drinks on the tables.
7. Spectators and/or non-players will not be allowed in the playing areas. Tournament officials, referees will be allowed when called over by players or to continue play in the tournament.
8. Cameras flashes will not be permitted during play. You will be warned, and then asked to leave.
9. There will be no heckling or distractions from spectators, players or non-shooting players. Please give respect at all times.

Rules of Play
1. When called to play, you will have 5 minutes to show at the assigned table to play or there will be a foul or possible forfeit of 1st game.
2. Players will lag for the break; winner will then decide who will break. Alternating break will follow with players racking for themselves, with the 2 ball in the back. It is up to the player breaking to examine the rack before breaking. 9 Ball in the bottom two corner pockets doesn’t count.
3. On break: Cue ball in hand behind 2nd diamond/head string. 1 ball at the head string, 2 ball in the back and 9 in the middle. 1 ball must be hit first and if a ball is not pocketed, 4 object balls must be driven to one or more rails or the shot is a foul.  No soft breaking and no pattern racking.
4. You will keep track of game by coins under the rails. You must be responsible for your own coin. Any discrepancies must be immediately brought to the attention of an official.
5. Push shot is allowed after the opening break. Must be verbalized and acknowledged by opponent.
6. JUMP SHOTS – Must be a full cue. Phenolic or Leather Tips are allowed.
7. After the match is won, please state the winner of the match to the person running the bracket as soon as possible (immediately following the game) so we can keep the tournament running efficiently and on pace.

1. Cue Ball Scratch or off the Table
2. Wrong Ball First: The 1st object ball contacted by the cue ball must be the lowest numbered ball remaining on the table.
3. No Rail after Contact: If no ball is pocketed on a shot, the cue ball must contact an object ball, and after that contact at least one ball (cue ball or any object ball) must be driven to a rail, or the shot is a foul. Also, if an object ball is frozen to a rail, the rail is considered “dead” or “neutral”. Player must hit another rail if the shot is not made. If there are any discrepancies about a ball being frozen to the rail, please call a referee over to the table for clarification.
4. No Foot on Floor: If the shooter does not have at least one foot touching the floor at the instant the tip contacts the cue ball, it is a foul.
5. Ball Driven off Table: It is a foul to drive an object ball off the table. Cue ball: Ball in hand. Object ball placed in pocket unless it was the 9 ball and will be spotted.
6. Touched Ball: Opponent has the option to replace the ball where it was or leave it where it stops as long as the ball does not interfere with the line of the object ball.
7. Double Hit/Frozen Ball: If the cue stick contacts the cue ball more than once on a shot, the shot is a foul. If the cue ball is close to but not touching an object ball and the cue tip is still on the cue ball when the cue ball contacts that object ball, the shot is a foul. If the cue ball is very close to an object ball, the shooter will shoot at an angle or elevate cue, foul still in place. However, if the cue ball is touching an object ball at the start of the shot, it is legal to shoot towards or partly into that ball (provided it is a legal target within the rules of the game) and if the object ball is moved by such a shot, it is considered to have been contacted by the cue ball. It is the player’s responsibility to call a referee if they believe a foul will occur.
8. Push Shot (Other than after opening break)
9. Balls Still Moving: Cue ball or object ball must be motionless before shot can occur.
10. Cue Stick on Table: If the shooter uses their stick in order to align a shot by placing it on the table without having their hand on the stick.
11. Playing out of Turn
12. 3 Consecutive Fouls: Player must warn the shooter who is on two fouls when they come up to the table that the shooter is on two fouls. Otherwise, the 3rd foul will be considered to be only the second.
13. Slow Play: If a referee feels that a player is playing too slowly, the referee may advise that player to speed up play. If the player does not speed up, the referee may impose a shot clock on that match for both players. If the shooter exceeds the time limit specified for the tournament, a standard foul will be called and the incoming player is rewarded according to the rules applicable to the game being played. (Unsportsmanlike Conduct may also apply.)
14. Unsportsmanlike Conduct: The normal penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct is the same as for a serious foul, but the referee may impose a penalty depending on their judgment of the conduct. Among other penalties possible are a warning; a standard-foul penalty, which will count as part of a three-foul sequence if applicable; a serious-foul penalty; loss of a rack, set or match; ejection from the competition possibly with forfeiture of all prizes. Unsportsmanlike conduct is any intentional behavior that brings disrespect to the sport or which disrupts or changes the game to the extent that it cannot be played fairly.
It includes:
(a) Distracting the opponent;
(b) Changing the position of the balls in play other than by a shot;
(c) Playing a shot by intentionally miscuing;
(d) Continuing to play after a foul has been called or play has been suspended;
(e) Practicing during a match;
(f) Marking the table;
(g) Delay of the game; and
(h) Using equipment inappropriately.
(i) Disrespect of the game or opponent, disrespectful behavior.